Dear birthmother,

The birth of a child is a miracle and we honor your decision to make an adoption plan. It is an emotional decision, but a selfless one and we appreciate you considering us as parents of your child. This child will experience great joy and love as he or she grows up in our family. We want you to get to know us, so we have put this letter together for you.

How We Met

While Lisa was away in Texas for college, Andrew moved to her hometown in California and became friends with her brothers through church. When Lisa came home during Christmas break for her older brother's wedding, she met Andrew and they proceeded to get to know each other. Andrew was attracted to Lisa's gentle spirit. Meanwhile, Lisa was intrigued by Andrew's appreciation and respect for all people, taking the opportunity to learn something new from everyone he meets. He has a great sense of humor and can connect with anyone. During a summer trip back to California before her last year of school, we committed to a relationship and began courting. We were married two years later and very much enjoy being together. With Christ at the center of our lives, our marriage of ten years is strong and will provide a solid foundation as we add children to our family.

Our Families

Andrew has an older sister and two younger brothers. Lisa has both an older and a younger brother. With all if these families we have 10 nephews and nieces! There are frequent get-togethers for holidays and birthdays. These days are treasured and filled with laughter.

Andrew's father lives with his wife in Japan and his mother lives in Los Angeles. Lisa's parents live twenty minutes from us. Our families are very excited and supportive of us bringing children into our home through adoption. They constantly encouraged us as we went through the emotional difficulty of trying to conceive, but are even more excited about us adopting. There is an unbelievable amount of love that is waiting to welcome a child into the world.

We recently had the privilege of being parents to a baby girl for eight months. The adoption process was disrupted and now she has shared custody between her birth parents. Although we miss her very much, we learned that we work well with each other as parents and we know how to have an open relationship with birth parents, if that's your desire.

About Andrew

Andrew is a Boy Scout, always prepared for anything! He is constantly reading and learning new things about life and eagerly shares his knowledge with friends and family. Andrew practices honesty and a strong work ethic daily. He is well respected as a salesman, internet entrepreneur, and United States Army National Guardsman. He takes charge of making sure we are both safe at all times and will do the same with young ones as we add children to our family. He looks forward to being a father, watching as our children grow, giving them piggy back rides, teaching them to ride a bike, and preparing them for a successful future.

About Lisa

When tough situations come around, Lisa looks to ultimately achieve a positive outcome. After we experienced infertility, she turned our hopes of parenting toward adoption. She enjoys keeping house and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. Lisa is as a Registered Dietitian, primarily with the parents of young children. She looks forward to applying her expertise in helping our children live healthy lifestyles. When children are added to our family, she will have the opportunity to stay at home or work part-time, whether out of the home or alongside Andrew with his business. She dreams of our family enjoying mealtime each evening, reading the Bible, playing games, and praying together as a family.

Where We Live

Our home is in the Coachella Valley. There are parks and pools to enjoy alongside meeting other families. We are just over an hour away from the beach or from the mountains and we take fun trips out of town about once a month.


We enjoy an active life of exercising, hiking, and walking. Andrew does Crossfit at the gym while Lisa prefers aerobics and Pilates at home. Every year for our wedding anniversary, Andrew surprises Lisa with a special trip to a beautiful, historic destination. During the summer, we like to get out of the desert heat on the weekends and have little adventures in other Southern California locations. Throughout our ten years of marriage, we have grown in our love for each other and we are excited to share that love with a child.

We know that choosing someone to raise your child takes strength and careful consideration. The practice of an open adoption is one that we see value in. We want our child to have an understanding of the wise decision you made regarding giving life and how they came to join our family. In our home, they will grow up well-loved and will know how to find God's peace and strength throughout their life.


Andrew and Lisa