Prospective Adopting Parents

What does it mean to become a prospective adopting parent with SBSM?

We get a lot of calls that start with “I’m just starting to look at what adoption could mean for us and I’m curious how to start with your firm?” This is when we first meet our prospective adopting parents, when they’re either just starting their journey, or they’ve been on it for a while and looking for ways to expand their network. First, we love to get to know you better so we offer a consultation for you to come into our office, meet our staff and hear our heart for how we want to help you create your forever family. At this consultation we talk about all avenues of adoption and help you navigate vocabulary, adoption agencies, offices and what the world of adoption contains. Second, we go through a questionnaire and show you different ways our office helps you in your search to become adopting parents for a placing birthmother. We answer any and all questions you may have and help direct you in ways we may see that are fit for you and your family. Third, we help you put together your physical profile and your online profile. This is your way of letting a prospective birthmother know who you and your family are and see pictures of your life. Our office is here to assist you and walk this journey with you. We are there from start, to finish, and after. Check out some of our family profiles right here on this website and send an inquiry message if you’re looking to receive more details.