Where to Even Begin

We get asked a lot by people interested in adoption where and how to even begin the process. This is an exciting time for your family to be choosing adoption to expand and grow your legacy. The first thing we would suggest is to get your homestudy set up. A homestudy is required in nearly all types of adoptions and is an in-depth look at your family’s life and home to ensure that you are capable and fit to be parents. Your social worker will conduct interviews with you, your spouse and any other members in your home. He or she will perform a home inspection, help you get state and federal criminal background checks, and review your financial and medical information. During this time you can start building your “family profile”. Aplacing parent is encouraged to consider what criteria, values, and beliefs they would like in a family when thinking of placing a child for adoption. This profile is what is used for birthmothers to look through as they decide on a family for their child. Some offices, like ours, have both online profiles and physical folders with a Dear Birthmother letter, and pictures showcasing your life and values. We have excellent examples in our Adoptive Parent Profiles section of this website. Once you are matched with a birthmother the next process begins as explained in our other blogs to come.