Relative Adoption

Another common form of adoption is when a relative adopts their younger relative. We see a lot of aunts or uncles adopting their niece or nephew, or grandparents adopting their grandchildren. At your first meeting, the attorney will go over the questionnaire sent to you and that will help our office fill out the initial form called the Adoption Request. This initiates the adoption process with the court. This will also alert the state to an adoption taking place and a case worker will be assigned to you. There will need to be a post placement home study done and there is a fee with this that would be paid to the state. There is a statutory six month waiting period in which this home study/post placement visits process takes place. Within those six months, the birth parents rights will be taken care of as well as a post placement home study, assuming the adopting parents do not have a home study in place already. At the end of the home study process there will be a final report from the social worker given to the court. At that time, we are then able to request a final hearing date.