The whole reason an adoption occurs is because a “match” has taken place. This means a birthparent has chosen a family he or she would like to place the child with. The match has to occur before a placement can take place. Policies for the matching process can vary depending on where you live or the jurisdiction in which the child resides. There are many different ways this match can occur, here are a few our office sees frequently:

1.    A family friend knows of a woman who is looking to place her child for adoption, and this friend recommends getting in touch with the couple or person looking to adopt.
2.    A birthmother calls an attorney or agency after having reviewed a particular family profile on a webpage.
3. is utilized as a profile for the adopting family and a birthmother contacts the adopting family’s Adoption Professional for more information

Typically, the match occurs once a homestudy is completed and the family is approved through an agency to be fit for adoption. We encourage the birthmother to have ideals and hopes for the type of situation that she would like for her child and we help find that for her. This is where the profile for an adopting family comes into play. Your profile can be done both physically in a booklet form and an electronic version displayed on an agency’s or attorney’s website or through an app like AdoptMatch. All of this is helpful, but nothing is more powerful than spreading the word and letting those around you know that you are looking to adopt and are hoping to grow your family through adoption.