Dear birthmother,


Thank you for your selfless act of love in making an adoption plan. We trust that whoever you choose to parent your child will provide him/her with the stability and unconditional love that we hope for all children.

We are Catholic; our faith is not just a religion we follow, but the foundation for the way we live. We want to raise our family within the Catholic faith. We go to Mass every weekend, and intend that our children will receive the Sacraments. Our son was baptized at 6 months of age. We plan to enroll our children in a parochial school, both for instruction in the Faith as well as the academic excellence that most parochial schools provide.

Both Frances and Charles are the first of their families to attend college. Having played football through high school, Charles won a football scholarship to Azusa Pacific University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. A calm, patient, and steady man, he is a social worker for the County of Los Angeles. He recently earned his Master's degree, and plans to earn his PhD.

Frances is the daughter of immigrants. With their encouragement, Frances became the first in the family to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California Irvine, then her degree of Doctor of Medicine from University of Nebraska. She returned home to California for her Pediatrics training at UCI. As a pediatrician, it has been a joy for Frances to watch her patients grow from infants to young adults. Her lively energy and sense of humor has helped her keep up with her young patients, even the 2 year olds!

In 2010 we welcomed our son. He is smart, confident, and energetic. As Charles' work is very stable and he has seniority there, we are blessed that Frances can be a mostly-stay-at-home Mom. She works about 1 ½ days per week and her schedule is very flexible. While she is at work, our son spends time with his aunt, cousin, and their dog. Our son especially looks forward to "Guy-Day Fridays", where he and Charles spend the entire day together while Mom is at work. At other times our son is with his other aunt, having adventures at the playground or park. He is Grandpa's helper in the garden or in home improvement projects, and Grandma's devoted protector. Before her passing, our son was often found chattering happily with his Nana. He is very excited to become a big brother.

We have always spoken openly about the process of adoption, and specifically our son's birth parents. By his birth mother's request, his is a closed adoption, and we don't have any information about his birth father. We have saved any information we have in a secure place, ready for him whenever he is ready.

We look forward to being active in our children's lives, such volunteering at their school, cheering at sporting events, and simply hearing a houseful of kids with their friends. We believe strongly in education, and we will encourage our children to go to college. Overall, we want them to have financial independence, and reach their full potential. As a family we believe that financial security is very important.

As we view adoption as a gift, our children will know that he/she was placed in our family from the loving arms of his/her birthparent into ours. Our children will know that their birthparent loved them.


Charles and Frances