Are You Thinking About Adopting a Baby in Southern California?

Information for Hopeful Parents

If you have decided to adopt a child, or if you are actively considering adoption, the Law Offices of Tim Blied can provide the information you need to get started. By helping you understand the differences among the types of adoption, the adoption process, and the fees associated with adopting a child in Southern California, you can feel confident in your decision to expand your family. Call us toll free at 800.678.6811 today to schedule an appointment with a skilled adoption lawyer.

Can Anyone Adopt a Child?

If you are seeking to adopt a child, you probably already know that it is not an easy process. As part of an adoption, you need to undergo a home study through a licensed public or private adoption agency in California. This home study helps ensure that you are physically and psychologically ready to bring a child into your life.

You also need to be financially ready to adopt a child. We will discuss all financial aspects of the adoption process with you, including the adoption tax credit, which may apply.

Types of Adoption

As a hopeful parent, you should also be aware of the types of adoption and how they are different. Our adoption law firm focuses on open, independent adoptions. In an open adoption, the birth mother selects the adoptive family and maintains a relationship with them to the extent agreed upon by the parties. In our experience, the adoption process is most successful when the birth mother and hopeful parents in are in communication with each other.

If you are a hopeful parent, we will post your profile on our website so our birth mother clients can learn about you and your background.

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