Dear Expectant Mom,

Hello! We are Jim and Julie, and we thank you for taking the time to read this as you search for just the right adoptive parents for your baby. We both feel immensely humbled and grateful that you might consider us to parent, unconditionally love, and cherish your baby.

Jim and I met as middle school teachers at our first teaching jobs in a Southern California beach town, and we have been married for 16 happy years. Over these years our love has deepened and strengthened, and we have long been lookingforward to raising a family together. After a few unsuccessful years of trying on our own, and while praying for guidance, we felt led to adoption. We have witnessed the adoption process personally, through family (my aunt) and friends, and became convinced that this special way of beginning a family was God's calling for us. We eagerly anticipate many happy years and memories of family dinners, camping trips, game nights, and much more. Our teacher schedules have allowed us to spend a lot of time with our families, and we are thrilled that we will be able to spend so much time together with children as a family.

My husband Jim is a middle school math teacher. He is known and loved by his students for making learning math fun. Working with children and being a great teacher is a passion for him, and I know he will make such a loving and involved father. Jim is very smart, funny, compassionate, and tender; his friends and family know they can count on him. He loves the outdoors and being active; hiking, beach volleyball, and bike riding are some of his favorites. He also enjoys playing the guitar and singing, watching hockey with friends, and traveling. I can't wait to see Jim share all of these things with a son or a daughter.

I (Julie) am also a teacher. I love to learn and grow, and it is so much fun to help kids do the same. I taught middle school English for several years, and I am currently substitute teaching, in preparation of fulfilling my dream of being a stay-at-home mom. I am a nurturer by nature and creating a loving and warm home environment - filled with laughter, playfulness, and singing - is a joy of mine. Some of my favorite things include hiking and spending time in the mountains, reading and book club with friends, playing with my sweet dog, scrapbooking and crafting, and cooking delicious and healthy meals. I am so excited to love and guide a little one.

Together, Jim and I spend lots of time playing board games, trying out new recipes, taking our dog to thenearby park, and just laughing and being silly around the house. We are blessed to enjoy spending time together. We love traveling, including camping and other trips, often with our families. Friends are also important to us, and we enjoy dinners, game nights, and Bible study with them. We are truly grateful for the loving and supportive network that God has provided us with.

If you choose us as adoptive parents for your baby, our promise to you and our hearts' great desire would be for your baby to know they are cherished and loved unconditionally - no matter what. It would also be very important to us that your baby know all about you and the immense love, courage, and sacrifice that drove your decision to find him or her a loving and secure family. Lastly, our Christian faith is a source of great strength and comfort for us, and we desire to pass that on, along with the knowledge of God's deep and faithful love.

We thank you so much for reading our letter. You are in our hearts and prayers as you make decisions in the days ahead. We look forward to the possibility of getting to learn about you, and sharing more about ourselves.


Julie and Jim