Adopt a Baby in the Orange County Area

Prospective Parents Adoption Home Study and Screening

If you're pregnant and looking for the right family to adopt your baby after delivery, contact Southern California adoption services attorney Tim Blied by calling toll-free at 800.678.6811, or by e-mailing us. We serve birth mothers and prospective parents on a nationwide basis. Over the last 30 plus years, we have helped more than 3,000 families complete the adoption process.

In open adoptions, the pregnant birth mother chooses the adoptive parents for her child from a list of pre-screened and qualified families. The adoptive families we serve have all undergone a detailed background screening process which normally includes:

  • Classes and counseling about the adoption process
  • Criminal background checks
  • Home visits
  • Investigation and review of personal information
  • Physical examinations and health screening
  • Certification by a licensed adoption agency

While most states require a licensed adoption agency's to certify and approve the adoptive parents prior to placement, this is optional in California. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage all adoptive families we work with to undergo this detailed screening process. In the Adoptive Family Profiles section of this website, each family's profile indicates whether they have completed the certification process by a licensed adoption agency.

Our experience with both birth mothers and adopting parents has shown the importance of counseling to resolve any confusion or doubts about the adoption process, as well as to make sure that adoption is right for you. We also emphasize education about the personal, practical, and legal consequences of adoption so that everyone concerned understands the process before making any commitments.

Screen Profiles for Families Who Wish to Adopt a Baby

We encourage birth mothers who intend to place their babies for adoption to spend some time reviewing the Adoptive Family Profiles to see whether any of these families seem right for your child. If none of the families shown on our website seems to be quite what you're looking for, we invite you to describe the family that you think would provide the best home for your child. We can then work with our national network of adoption resources to find the right adoptive family for your child.

Call Orange County Lawyer Tim Blied for Information on Home Studies and Other Adoption Issues

All of our services for birth mothers are free of charge to you. For more information on adopting a baby in the Orange County area, call us toll-free at 800.678.6811 or contact us.