Orange County Lawyer Helping You With Your Adoptive Family Selection

Finding the Right Adoption Situation for Your Child

In the open adoption process, it's you, the birth mother, who selects the adoptive parents and chooses the living situation that you will be most comfortable with, for your child's future. The characteristics of the adoptive family will also be important in working out the details for your own continuing contacts with your child's new family. As you develop a relationship with the adoptive parents before your baby is born, you'll come to understand that the highly personalized and flexible nature of open adoption is one of the greatest strengths of the adoption process.

At our law firm, Orange County attorney Tim Blied can help you with the adoptive family selection. If you would like to review the profiles of families who have already completed the screening process, see our Adoptive Family Profiles page. If none of the families currently posted on our website is quite what you're looking for, just tell us what kind of family you think would be best for you and your child. Our affiliation with nationwide adoption resources, including the highly respected American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers, can help put you in touch with the family that is right for your unique needs.

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