“Choosing attorney Timothy J. Blied and Associates is the best decision we could have made when placing our child for adoption. During the placement process all of our needs and concerns were met with care and efficiency. They had the utmost concern and respect for us as the birth parents. Choosing Tim Blied and Associates is something we will never regret. We were able to choose a family from among their many profiles which truly reflect the adoptive families. Thanks to Tim Blied and Associates we were able to choose adoptive parents who we now consider to be extended family. Our thanks to everyone at Tim Blied's. We will never forget our experience.”

Placing parents,
Michelle and Jonathan


Adopting Parents - Michael & Christin Knobbe

"There are not enough words of gratitude we can give to Tim and his office staff for being with us on this amazing journey of adoption!

When we decided to grow our family through adoption, we were referred to Tim Blied.  We met with Tim and his wife, Janel for an initial consultation and it was the most informational and beneficial two hours.  We walked away with a binder of information; outlining the various types of adoption, resources, terminology, and the overall adoption process.  We were equipped at that point with all we needed to know about adoption.  We prayed for a couple days and agreed that we wanted to work with Tim and his office.  

They walked us through every step and once our profile was officially able to be shown to birth mothers, we waited.  Those months were the hardest because we felt as if we would never be matched and ultimately never be parents.  During those months Janel would call to check-in on us which meant the world to us.  We will never forget that day we received the call saying "A birth mother would like to meet us."  Those were the words we waited years to hear.  Before the meeting, I remember Janel saying that you will just know if its a match.  At the time, those words did not make sense to us.  But as we walked away, I remember sitting in our car and at the same time we said "this is not for us."  Four months later, we sat down with another birth mother and within a few minutes of conversation I knew this was it!  We were matched and our daughter was born just five weeks later.  

About two years later, we received a call from Tim's office and another birth mother was interested in our family adopting her son.  We were so thrilled and just like the first time, we once again just knew this was a match.  A few months after being matched, the birth mother informed Tim's office that she was of American Indian descent.  This caused us great pause, but we had spent the past few months getting to know the birth mother and growing a bond with her.  Tim's office was so thorough and kind during this time.  They were honest with us about what it meant and although it added an extra layer of anxiety we trusted God that he had a plan and if this was meant to me our son, everything would work out.  It did and our son was born a few months later and we finalized this past February!  As of now our family is complete!"