Orange County Attorney Providing Options for Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and still in high school, you probably already realize that having a baby and raising a child is a lifelong commitment that will have a drastic effect on your future, both in the short term and for decades to come. Maybe you're not yet ready for the challenges and demands of motherhood. Maybe caring for a small child will eliminate your plans for continuing school and finishing your education.

Many young women consider and reject the alternative of abortion on religious or moral grounds, or because they've heard about the unfavorable or traumatic experiences of other teens in the same situation. We hope that you'll consider the option of open adoption as a way of providing a secure future for your child while protecting your own. Call private adoption lawyer Tim Blied at 800.678.6811 for a free consultation about unplanned teen pregnancy options and the adoption process. We will discuss how adoption might work to your own advantage and that of your baby.

In the open adoption process, you choose the family that you want for your child. You also decide how little or how much contact you want to maintain with your child and the adopting family. This flexible and deeply personal process has helped thousands of young women find loving homes for their children, without having to wonder in the years to come whether the decision to place the child for adoption was the right one for you and your child.

If you don't see a suitable family on our Adoptive Family Profiles page, we invite you to describe the kind of parents and living situation you hope to find for your child. With our 30 years of experience working with birth mothers and adopting parents, we have developed a nationwide network of adoption resources which can maximize your chance of finding the right family for your child.

The adopting parents normally assume the expenses of your legal representation, and in many states (including California), they can also pay for your medical care not covered by insurance, counseling services, and even living expenses.

The decision to place your child for adoption is an important one, and we will work with you to make sure that you have all of the support, counseling, and independent advice that you need to make the right decision in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. The options you have for developing, maintaining, and continuing your relationship with your child are entirely up to you and the adoptive family to work out as you get to know your child's new parents.

Orange County Attorney for Pregnant Teen Birth Mothers

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