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If you are pregnant, have decided that abortion is not an option for you, and you are looking instead at your "living" parenting options --parenting the baby yourself or selecting adoptive parents for your child-- let us be a resource to you. We will provide information and resources to assist you as you make this all-important parenting decision. Adoption is not the answer in all cases but we hope that you will consider the open adoption parenting option as you make your decision. Call us toll free at 800.678.6811 for more information about this the adoption option, or contact Santa Ana open adoption attorney Tim Blied by e-mail.

In open adoption, the placing birth mother chooses the family she wants to raise her child, based on criteria which are important to her. You can choose from the parents listed in our Adoptive Family Profiles, or post your own "wish list" for the parents you might want to consider trusting with your child's future. We can also help you find the right parents for your unborn child through our national network of adoptive parents who have passed the background screening process.

Open adoption works best when the birth mother and the adopting family form a relationship, so that you are comfortable with the adopting parents and confident that you are making the right parenting choice for your child. You can discuss and agree with the adopting parents regarding the level and types of contacts you wish to maintain with them both before and after you place your child with them. The terms of the open adoption relationship you agree on with the adoptive parents can be spelled out in a Post-Adoption Contact Agreement with them.

Another essential component of open adoption is that you get the counseling, medical care and other support you need during your pregnancy and beyond. Medical care, education about adoption, counseling to assist in all aspects of your parenting plan for your child and legal advice are just some of the resources we can help you with during your participation in the open adoption process. In California and many other states, it's is standard practice for the adopting family to assume the expenses associated with your pregnancy (which are not covered by insurance) and the adoption, including counseling, medical, legal and, in appropriate cases living expenses.

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Whether you're a pregnant teen who is unprepared for the responsibilities of motherhood, or a pregnant woman who may be already parenting a child or children, the alternative of open adoption may represent a viable and positive solution to the problems presented by an unexpected pregnancy. For additional information and answers to your adoption questions, call adoption lawyer Tim Blied toll-free at 800.678.6811.